Character Creation

Here you will find everything you need to create your character.

All the rules and everything you can possibly need can be found at the following site.


I ask that you please keep two character sheets updated. The first one being on here. Just use the universal pathfinder template they provide. This will allow me to look over your characters before sessions to allow me to adjust the challenges that await to keep the events entertaining but challenging.

For yourselves feel free to use whatever character sheet you prefer but a standard one is linked below.

Character sheet


All core races are allowed, there will be also a few unique races for the area of Golarion,

  • Dhampir
  • Changling
  • Orc

Though see me before if your interested in one of the unique races


All core classes and most base classes are available, although due to the starting setting of the campaign some classes may be limited in their capability.

Ability score

We will be using a 28 point buy in the link for the PF point-buy calculator is below.

Point buy


No evil characters, and do not intentionally set out to cause conflict with out members of the party

Starting wealth

Roll whats appropriate for your class if below the average starting gold just take the average.


The setting is in a small town and Magic Items will not be available for sale.
There will be potions and small minor items at shops but not anything extraordinary.

That is not to be said that you will not encounter Magic Gear or Wonderous Items throughout your course of adventures. These kinds of items are often found in the dangerous places of the world and of course anything is possible.

Traits and Background

Each character starts with two traits.

  • One must be from the pathfinder website.
  • One must be from the players guide linked below

Players Guide

All I ask is that you choose traits that you can incorporate into your background

Character Creation

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